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Through a tremendous volume of time and energy, we have simply repeated some of the most usual and helpful questions that our customers ask. In the next mystical act, we address all of them! In the event that you have a new query, a more targeted one, or want to shed light on anything over the phone, call 1-800-314-4067. We've heard them all, so feel free to get a skydiver on the phone.


  • Any anxiety, hassle, or problem is much less worrisome when overlooking the globe from this view. Everything is laid-back; it's a far more special way of watching the Earth, and the wind props you up as it passes your suit and harness.
  • Skydiving charms your thinking to the peacefulness and privilege of the experience; it guides you from the stress, difficulties and annoyances of everyday life.
  • Nothing is quite so impossible as it was the period before, and your mind breaks to the reality you intend to exist.
  • Some of the most intriguing people on earth are individuals that skydive. Turn into the sort of person you want to be, in the most satisfying way possible.


You need to be 18 years of age to skydive in almost all states, and it's actually even 19 in Alabama. Parents or guardians can't alter the official age restriction, irrespective of if they accept. The oldest person we identified to go skydiving was 103 when they dove from a perfectly good aircraft; each person must possess a base level of physical abilities, but there isn't a cap to how old they can be.


It could take about three hours to carry out your skydiving journey from beginning to end, but it's fitting to plan ahead for up to half a day. For the very first level of the Palm Springs Skydiving school network certification program, the extra instruction required will take the remainder of the day. Any individual starting in a Palm Springs Skydiving School network area course will need to take part in an approximately 6 hour class in the facility for education and step-by-step training. For a tandem, the student requires very little training. This accounts for the time difference concerning the two jumps.


They could be included with your tandem skydive, or stills may be included with your order of a video. It just relies on the Palm Springs Skydiving area network location you decide on. Virtually any location has the equipment and crew to provide a DVD, and many offer pictures in addition.


Yes! The hangar and facilities are typically perfect for photo ops. Getting pics in freefall must be left up to the good sense of the pros, but you can easily take pics in the airplane and have buddies take photos of your landing. Reactions straight after they land are prized when caught. Alongside a little cleverness, taking a camera can preserve some exceptional moments.


Most folks equate freefall with the sensation of plunging in an elevator. Against public opinion, it is almost nothing like that. In reality, it seems far more like gliding than falling. Even more like the slow and silent kind, the parachute flight to touchdown is calm and awe inspiring.


Opening the parachute is something your tandem instructor has done most likely hundreds (if not thousands) of times. He'll make certain that nobody is over or nearby you and wave off before pulling the ripcord. The pilot chute first comes out, and it’s compact design quickly gathers enough wind to pull out the main from your rig.As soon as it completely inflates, you'll get a handful of seconds of upward draft until everything equalizes. Just enjoy the views for the next few minutes, simply because that's all you have to worry about. The instructor will already have knowledge of the wind direction and speed, which will determine how quick and in which formation you need to come down prior to dropping to the drop area.

You've watched the movies. The parachute doesn't deploy, or the character forgets to release their chute. Mayhem and panic ensues as they near the ground. What happens next?

While this is a very unlikely event, there is always a backup plan. Reserve parachutes are supplied in every rig and are prepared with the help of the best FAA licensed riggers. For your safety, all our rigs are regularly checked and serviced to sustain or exceed USPA safety guidelines. If low altitude is reached with no evidence of your main parachute deployment, your reserve will immediately release. Your Automatic Activation Device reacts instantly to permit your smooth descent.

When determining how much time skydiving takes, you must consider all of the variables.

Your skydive will involve many activities that vary by time. Several elements impact the period of time of your Palm Springs adventure such as: cloud cover and wind, time of parachute launch, and the prior jumper's time. In a lot of scenarios, your skydiving time could be sectioned into two parts: the dive and the glide. Your flight to altitude will generally last 10-15 minutes with a full 60 seconds of freefall following (this is the most exciting portion of your dive). After free fall to around 5,000 feet, you or your instructor will release your parachute and soar smoothly to the ground. This process is around 5-8 minutes total.

Does coming in to land feel unpleasant?

We virtually guarantee your well-being by utilizing established landing procedures with each skydive. Before modern skydiving equipment, touching down was a harsh process. All said and done, modern times have allowed engineers to create technologically superior rigs that very nearly place you back on Earth without any effort.

I'm a little worried, will the sensation go away?

Quite likely. You may get a little worried before the flight. In spite of the jittery emotions, you can rest assured your skydive will be one of the most remarkable events of your life. You will be too overwhelmed with the adrenaline rush to give your fears another consideration.

What to take with me? How to dress?

What to take with me? What to dress in? Just bring yourself. As far as everything else goes, bring a friend and a device to record you, the aircraft, and skydiving professional before and after takeoff. Shielding from the sunlight for the eyes and skin for your friends on the ground is wise too. Whereas the elements are not often a problem to dive in, we do encourage putting on clothing that feels pleasant for the day's weather. After you arrive at the site, you will be supplied all the necessities for your skydive. This consists of your altimeter, harness, goggles and a jumpsuit if you want one. All visitors are welcome and may spectate from our viewing area!

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