Palm Springs SKYDIVE

What better method to recall your Palm Springs skydive than to re-live it over and over with loved ones. Your Palm Springs Skydiving video will direct the experience of your initial jump from start to finish. Any minute you wish to see once again can be immortalized and set to music for the occasion. Ordinarily, your video package deal will involve a 5-7 minute dvd. Still photos may be incorporated in your video package depending on the dropzone you go to.

Must I call in in advance

The additional warning you give, the more likely our staff will manage to reserve the perfect time for your Palm Springs skydive. Much goes into our booking process. We require ample time to appropriately and excellently plan essential personnel and gear to satisfy your venturous desires.

Am I able to carry my own camera equipment?

Taking your camera is certainly an option. Taking images during training or getting geared up ahead of time could be a great means to document the journey, but taking photos throughout the skydive just isn't achievable provided you will be substantially busied throughout the skydive. Private video equipment can be lost or damaged, having said that, our knowledgeable videographers capture optimum video of your skydive from a wide array of perspectives and viewpoints. After all, when traveling at 120 mph at 2 miles over the Ground, you will have sufficient misdirections!

Can I have my friends get video or photos?

Certainly they can! They will have the ability to get photos of you underneath canopy and throughout your landing. Maybe even photos of you once you land to aim at catching the sensation you experienced to have effectively performed your very first skydive.

Can the Cameraman Film Two or More Individuals?

The lapse of time in between 2 people jumping creates a substantial distance between them; making it not practical to film two or more individuals in a singular video. When the very first skydiver jumps from the plane, his speed escalates substantially. Sealing the range between a skydiver who jumps out prior to you is practically unwise. As a result, a videographer would not be able to capture a 2nd skydiver in the video. In theory, even if a second individual made it within the picture, they will be making an appearance as a speck of dust as far as visual interpretations go. Not to mention your video ought to be focused on you to elevate it to a more personal level. The intimate affiliation you build with your skydive adventure in Palm Springs can only be relieved and recorded with an absolutely direct and perspective oriented video Have a high definition video accessible to relive the journey in its totality. Call 1-800-314-4067 now!

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