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The moment you contact Palm Springs Skydiving, we put the best skydiving organization in the United States at your fingertips! We boast a more extensive capacity to service client requests, and we do everything we can with higher quality than the small time competitors. We swear by the slogan that any skydive worthy of selling is worth servicing right. Our network of staff is with you from the original call out of curiosity to scheduling your very first certification skydive. Still not enticed? Read a little more and find out why you really should contact Palm Springs Skydiving at 1-800-314-4067 straightaway!

A lot more Skydiving Expertise around Palm Springs

By using our network skydiving centers, you will be paired with seasoned coaches for all your Palm Springs skydive education. No other skydiving network in California has more partners with more expert tandem masters and sky diving instructors than Palm Springs Skydiving!

Palm Springs Skydiving not only has experts to discuss everything to you over the telephone, all of our associate dropzones use expert, competent personnel. Our network of vendors work tirelessly to keep you safe and smiling while you are under their supervision.

Today's Newest Skydiving Tech

The vast majority our network skydiving centers prefer to have the most up to date technology in stock. It helps to make sure our staff and patrons that much safer.

We listen as the United States Parachute Association improves their protocols and procedures, so each of our skydiving centers delivers the safest adventures available.

The optimum elevation for your Palm Springs region skydiving

Depending on the conditions of the day, your sky dive Palm Springs experience can be made from ten thousand up to fourteen thousand feet with the Palm Springs Skydiving network! All the Cessnas, Skyvans, and other aircraft utilized by our network skydiving centers are the safest and most modern airplanes offered for sky diving. Each aircraft is maintained by staff members that are primarily dedicated to small aircraft varieties used in sky diving. Putting safety above all else is what makes us different than non-USPA recognized dropzones.

Top-Notch Skydiving Coaching in Palm Springs

The top skydiving centers in California partner with Palm Springs Skydiving to hook you up with some of the most experienced sky diving instructors. Palm Springs Skydiving is concentrated on safety and ensuring that your skydiving experience with us is all that you expect it to be. With numerous knowledgeable skydiving instructors and proficient staff in our call center and at our associate dropzones, Palm Springs Skydiving can get you set up and in the air quickly! Availability may change during different times of the calendar year, but our call center team is accessible seven days a week to answer your questions and find the right time and date for your schedule! Call the professionals at Palm Springs Skydiving to make your skydiving dreams come alive!

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