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  • All your worries are put into context during an almost incredible vision of the world. It all is peaceful; this is how Earth is intended to be viewed, and you sense the breeze carrying you in the air as your brain races to take everything in.
  • Skydiving infatuates your consciousness to the calmness and freedom of the experience; it guides you beyond the troubles, distress and discouragements of everyday life.
  • Nothing is quite so impassable as it was the period before, and your mind breaks to the reality you intend to exist.
  • The most fascinating individuals are those that see and do new activities, and skydiving represents the best of that. Come to be the type of person you want to be, in the most enjoyable way possible.


You must be 18 years old to skydive in most states, and it's actually even 19 in Alabama. We're sorry, but guardian permission isn't sufficient to book a skydiving adventure near Palm Springs. The oldest person we discovered to go skydiving was 103 when they dove from a perfectly good airplane; each person must have a base level of physical capabilities, but there isn't a limit to how old they can be.


A tandem skydiving adventure near Palm Springs will take just about 3 hours, but it's appropriate to plan ahead of time for up to half a day. For those taking the AFF (accelerated freefall) course, the supplemental training involved will take the rest of the day. Any individual starting in a Palm Springs Skydiving School network area course will need to take part in an approximately 6 hour class in the facility for schooling and step-by-step training. For a tandem, the student needs hardly any training. Significant differences in training time make the experience last longer for AFF students.


They may be incorporated with your tandem skydive, or still pictures could be covered with your purchase of a video. It just is dependent on the Palm Springs Skydiving area network location you decide on. Pretty much any location has the gear and personnel to provide a DVD, and some offer stills in addition.


You undoubtedly can! There are numerous means to chronicle your trips at Palm Springs Skydiving network centers. Procuring pics in freefall should be entrusted to the good sense of the pros, but you should take photos in the plane and have buddies take pictures of your landing. Reactions right after they land are priceless when recorded. Along with a little imagination, taking a camera can preserve some exceptional moments.


Folks always aim to relate unique happenings to those they have experienced in the past, and usually this makes some sense. Does it seem like an elevator? Maybe a rollercoaster? Skydiving is too distinctive for anyone to compare it. Your stomach shouldn't wrench, and the expected sensation of rapidly descending isn't there. If anything, freefall is about as near to 'complete adrenaline' as we can get. With a shocking turn of events, the parachute flight is often smooth sailing with a dash of grandiosity as you absorb the sights.


No one loves a jerk, however, you should be too caught up in the excitement for any irritation. You'll go from 120 mph to feeling as though you are graduallydescending. Fromabout 5,000 feet,your visibility lines blend right into the curve of the Earth; Except when a bird flies by, the elevation you're at should stay very serene.

You've watched the movies. The parachute doesn't release, or the character neglects to launch their chute. Mayhem and panic ensues as they near the ground. What happens next?

While this is a highly unlikely event, there is always a backup plan. Every parachute is prepared by an FAA certified rigger and includes a reserve chute for this situation. Every single rig is frequently examined and managed to satisfy or exceed USPA regulations for safety. If low altitude is reached with no evidence of your main parachute release, your reserve will immediately release. Your Automatic Activation Device reacts instantaneously to permit your smooth descent.

Just how long am I in freefall?

If the wind speed is too high or there is cloud cover, you may expect a brief delay or if the divers before your turn take a little longer to exit are merely a few of the instances that can have an impact on your total time. In any case, your primary activities will be your pre and post parachute times. The flight time before your jump generally lasts between 10-15 minutes, this gives the pilot time to find a safe and steady altitude. Once the plane levels out, you will exit and fall with your instructor for a full minute before pulling your rip cord and descending gently for up to 7 minutes to the dropzone.

Is the landing hard to deal with?

Absolutely not. Our skydiving facilities use only the gentlest landing manoeuvres in advanced training or with novices. This is to make certain each skydive is the safest it can ever be. In the earlier days of Palm Springs area skydiving, landings were in some cases quite difficult. The new "ram-air" parachutes of late allow landings that feel analogous to hopping off a step 1-2' high.

Can skydiving be terrifying?

Maybe but each person is different. You may get a little jittery before the flight. Nevertheless, worry not, skydiving is a thrilling experience. You will be too overwhelmed with the adrenaline rush to give your uncertainties another thought.

How should I prep for the big day?

Do I need to bring or wear anything specific? To anybody shooting for a comfortable skydive, it's necessary to come dressed in clothing you don't care about getting dirty and having on outdoors. During your experience as a newcomer in the Palm Springs Skydiving network, our location's crew will set you up with all the gear you need. Lugging convenience items like a camera, a hat, or binoculars is entirely up to you! Families are definitely welcome to come and witness; all kids must be supervised.

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