Palm Springs SKYDIVE

A mindfully edited video of your skydive is the best method to remember your amazing adventure. Your skydive video delivers a particular and fresh viewpoint to your skydive Every moment you want to watch again can be recorded and set to music for the occasion. Ordinarily, your video package will involve a 5-7 minute dvd. Still photos may be featured in your video package deal depending upon the dropzone you attend.

Should I give Advance Notice

Because of high popularity of the sport, availability is proportionate to preparation prior to the desired day for your skydive. Hence, the more time before your date, the more likely the day and time you like is attainable. Much goes into our booking system. We need appropriate time to correctly and competently plan needed staff and equipment to gratify your adventurous wants.

Am I able to have my own personal camera?

Carrying your camera is always an option. Taking photos during training or getting suited up before you start can be a wonderful means to detail the experience, but getting pictures throughout the skydive isn't possible provided you will be substantially occupied during the skydive. It might be lost or damaged, and we find it's better to entrust all of the video production and digital photography up to the Palm Springs Skydiving network professional videographers. You'll be preoccupied enough throughout the skydive, particularly taking into consideration that you're approximately 14,000 feet above the ground falling at a speed of 120 mph.

Could I have my friends take video or photos?

Of course they can! Depending upon the quality of their camera equipment, they will have the chance to get pictures of you flying down to earth beneath the canopy together with your swift, but smooth, landing. Perhaps even pictures of you once you land to attempt at catching the feeling you experienced to have competently completed your first skydive.

Is it feasible for my videographer to get additional people in my skydive video?

The lapse of time between two people jumping produces a significant distance between them; making it impractical to film 2 or more people in a single video. The speed a skydiver takes on develops drastically after initial freefall. Sealing the range in between a skydiver who jumps out prior to you is practically unwise. If someone, say a videographer, were to jump out of the aircraft with the first skydiver, anyone who jumps out following him will be too far in the background. Trying to film the two would make the second look like an ant in the background. Without having the close shots in air, the video does not have the personal feel that could highlight what the adventure seemed like. The intimate connection you build with your skydive journey in Palm Springs can only be relieved and recorded through an absolutely direct and perspective oriented video Recollect every single minute in brilliant quality with a video of your own. Give our team a call at 1-800-314-4067 now!

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